Diary Day 4

A Home Learning Experience

Diary Day 4

I wake at around 5:30 each day and try to get some “me” time in before my two charges wake up. This happened at 7:00 for Emily and 8:00 for Ethan. Breakfast, bathing and dressing always offer a learning opportunity. Discussions about healthy foods, good hygiene and clothing for different weather conditions were part of the interaction.

Home school involved show and tell, objects which begin with “E” such as “emmer” and “eier”. Songs, a story and greetings made the lessons more personal.

Bedtime stories always form a very important part of a child’s life so the selection of stories is always done with care. “The art of telling a good bedtime story dates back quite far. This remarkable discovery speaks volumes as to the importance of telling bedtime stories to your child. Parents for literally thousands of years have told variations of the stories told today. It is an oral tradition of great importance and one that all parents should be doing. Not only is a bedtime story fun and relaxing, it is also an effective and important way to become closer with your child.”

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