Times Tables 4 KIDS

A Home Learning Experience

Practice Your Time Tables

Knowing the basic tables and building up makes learning other tables easier.

For example, once you know your 2 times table, you can learn your 4 times table simply by doubling the answers!

Memorising tables is a good mental exercise and allows you to work out maths problems in your head. Your work will be more accurate and you will be able to deal with more abstract calculations.

Follow the 3 steps on each Times Table page and you will soon be an expert.

Step 1:Watch the video a number of times.

Step 2: Complete the quiz and submit your answers to receive a score.

Step 3: Download the slide show for further practice

6 x Table

Watch the video here!

2 x Table

5 x Table

8 x Table

11 x Table

Tables Game 1

3 x Table

6 x Table

9 x Table

12 x Table

Tables Game 2

4 x Table

7 x Table

10 x Table

Table tricks

Maths Bowling