Diary Day 5

A Home Learning Experience

Diary Day 5

Friday at last. A week looking after two children is heavy going, even for a fit person. The daily routine took place as usual, with tasks fitted in between. A mosaic tree on a paper plate, tender care for the bean plant, a dose of Jungle Book on TV and a session on the Tablet to complete a number of educational activities. These included a silhouette game, a pizza game with counting and fractions, as well as a shapes activity.

This short diary entry is an indication of how I feel … worn out! The prospect of a long weekend and a short week is exciting. Staying at home, with all its challenges is taking its toll. Fortunately I am not alone.

People have become inventive and creative. One news article discusses 17 ways to keep sane. If you are experiencing cabin fever then there is advice for you as well.


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