A Home Learning Experience

Safety During Lockdown

The Government directive which instructs families to stay at home is helping to keep people safe and reducing the spread of coronavirus. However, the lockdown restrictions are challenging for many of us, and they can be particularly tough for families.

Keeping safe and sane


Call Childline 08 000 55 555 if you need help

  • Health

It is important to take physical, as well as mental health into account when drawing up guidelines.

  • Home

Dealing with limited space and time for work and play needs to be done with sensitivity

  • online

having a home office and a home schooling situation brings many cyper risks which need to be addressed.

 For some young people, the coronavirus pandemic has triggered or worsened anxieties they were already struggling with. There are also basic health issues which need to be handled in and around the home.

The risks range from mentally ill parents and substance abuse, cramped housing, domestic abuse and poor diet in lower income groups. These are aggrevated when there is a lack of space and access to the outdoors.

Fortunately the vast majority of children are most interested in socialising online and watching videos and listening to music, rather than in potentially unwanted content or disturbing news.