Economic and Management Sciences

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Mastering Economic and Management Sciences

Use these resources to learn more and improve your skills.

Accounting facts

Use the resources to explore the terms

Activities tie up with Study Master: Economic and Management Sciences Grade 7

Make the most of what is here.

Start with the Economy quiz

Savings and investments

Learn how to successfully save and invest

A way to make money work for you.

Test your knowledge.

Savings and Investments Quiz

Money matters: puzzle

Just a bit if fun.

Click and enjoy.

build the puzzle in minutes


Vocabulary: Wordsearch and quiz

Expand your knowledge and test yourself'

Click and explore

This should put your knowledge to the test.


Entrepreneur: Wordsearch

Find the hidden vocabulary

Click and explore

This should put your knowledge to the test.


babysitting: SWOT Analysis template

Use the template to complete the activity.

Click and explore

This should prepare you to start your business


Money Matters: Bingo

Play solo or with a friend.

Revision of important terms

Simply click and play.


Herman Mashaba case study: Quiz

Herman Mashaba, an entrepreneur of note.

Learn by example.

Read to expand your knowledge.

Take the Quiz

Entrepreneurial Actions: Wordsearch

Being an entrepreneur involves many steps.

Identify the steps.

Read to expand your knowledge.

Click and search

Entrepreneurs and Advertising: Wordsearch

Advertising your business in the best way

Click and play

Learn while you play.

Click and search


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