Grade 4@Home

A Home Learning Experience

Ready to Learn

This is a work in progress.  Activities will be added on a daily basis and are designed to improve basic knowledge and skills. Where possible they will be cross-curricular so that children get exposure to more than one learning area at a time.

English and Mathematics

Improve your knowledge by completing the activities.

Charts English and Mathematics

Rounding Off

Mixed Maths Games

Addition facts

Natural Sciences and Technology

Learning can be fun!

Matter and Materials (1): Interesting website

Matter and Materials (2): Slideshow

Matter and Materials (3): Quiz

The Water Cycle (NS): Activity page

Social Sciences

Use these resources to improve your knowledge.

Needs and Wants (1): SS: Slideshow

Needs and Wants (2): SS: Quiz

Needs and Wants (3): SS: Interesting website

Needs and Wants (4): SS: Poster activity

Where People Live (1): SS: Notes

Where People Live (2): SS: Quiz

Leaders (SS): Activity page

Personal and Social Well-being

Enjoy these activities and use them to learn more about yourself and other people.

Emotions (1) PSW: Interesting website

Emotions (2) PSW: Slideshow

Emotions (3) PSW: Quiz

Emotions (4) PSW: Computer Activity

Inside Story

As far as possible all activies will embrace more than one learning area and will be suitable for more than one age group or Grade.

Activies can also be used for assessment purposes, either formally or informally.