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As times change, so do the different ways that we can prepare for the future

Equip your children with the right tools and approach online education with a new perspecive. EduGizelle encourages families at home to create a learning experience that connects parents with their childeren and teachers with an impactful digital platform from where they can educate.

Lockdown has forced many parents to take on the role of teacher, on top off all the other roles they already play. Finding the best resources to supplement what schools have to offer, isn’t always easy. 

The material and links offered here attempt to fill the gaps and add to what is already available.

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In an effort to be environmentally friendly by going paperless, the comfort of turning pages should not be forgotten.

A balance between paper and digital is needed so that children and adults do not forget how much a good book can mean.

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We were all caught off guard by the severity of the Covid 19 pandemic. Coping with the closing of the schools has created a need. How can we help?

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This is part of the “new normal”. Whether studying independently from home or working with a school while at home, we attempt to fill in the gaps and add additional learning material.


Explore the variety of online resources that we have carefully selected to help you on your journey towards creating a successful @home digital learning experience for your kids. On this page you will find links to different websites, including other home schooling platforms, YouTube channels, Audible books, exercises and much much more! Good Luck from the EduGizelle Team

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Knowing the basic tables and building up makes learning other tables easier. For example, once you know your 2 times table, you can learn your 4 times table simply by doubling the answers! Memorising tables is a good mental exercise and allows you to work out maths problems in your head. Your work will be more accurate and you will be able to deal with more abstract calculations. Follow the 3 steps on each Times Table page and you will soon be an expert.

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Grade 1, a year where many exciting new skills are mastered. Reading, writing, sums…

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This is a work in progress. Activities will be added on a daily basis and are designed to improve basic knowledge and skills. Where possible they will be cross-curricular so that children get exposure to more than one learning area at a time.

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A Great Platform for Extension and Revision. Activites line up with work being handled in class and offer extension and an opportunity for further practise.for each of the Grade 7 subjects will be added from time to time. These

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Department of Basic Education (DBE) English, English FAL, Afrikaans, Sepedi, Mathematics and Life Skills workbooks can be downloaded freely here for your convenience Should new books become available, these will be added.

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Computer skills for kids. A number of skills will be taught and learners should follow the steps carefully. New activities will be added to expand on what is already available.

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Learn while you play! We will try to link you up with pages which offer exciting, but educational games.A number of popular game pages have also been added.

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It’s not just the mind that needs to keep active, the body is equally important. During lockdown some children are cooped up with their families in relatively small homes. To keep sane, have a program which involves work, leisure time and exercise.

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