A Home Learning Experience

It’s time to work it out

It’s not just the mind that needs to keep active, the body is equally important. During lockdown some children are cooped up with their families in relatively small homes. To keep sane, have a program which involves work, leisure time and exercise.

Foot work

Walking, running, climbing. Your feet will be put to the test.

Heart rate

The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make.

Weight lifting

By slowly raising the weight bar, we are able to built muscles safely.

Featured Activities

INdoor Workouts

Here’s how to keep your kids off the couch, even if you don’t have much space.


Yoga for Kids

Motivating kids to be active can be a struggle. While yoga is a hugely beneficial exercise for children of all ages, they aren’t interested in traditional asanas or highly structured yoga classes. Luckily, there are tons of engaging yoga videos out there produced especially for children.


Full Body Workout

 To help keep your kid in shape for any season,including during the lockdown, full-body exercises are the way to go. These conditioning moves help build endurance, balance, agility and coordination while strengthening the whole body.