Life And The Lockdown

A Home Learning Experience

Life And The Lockdown

It has been almost a month since Cyril Ramaphosa announced to South Africans that the country was going into lockdown.Since then we have experienced a multitude of emotions: fear, loneliness, stress, anger, grief, resentment and even jealousy. Those of us who are caught far from home are homesick and sad. We have witnessed acts of kindness so amazing that they have restored our faith in humanity, but we have also seen unbridled greed in people who should be helping those in need.

The world is grappling with an invisible, deadly enemy, trying to understand how to live with it.. Life as we know it has changed drastically and how we deal with these changes will determine our futures. Someday we will remember this time and be reminded of what we really value.

I am one of those who was caught away from home. I have been separated from my husband and my beloved pets and garden. Many of the things that I took for granted are sorely missed. But life goes on and I have new challenges to face every day. My days now revolve around my two grandchildren who are solely my responsibilty while their parents put in a full days work from home. Without me here this would have been impossible so fate actually dealt us a good hand. We are grateful for this quality family time.

I have decided to put together a diary for this week to remind myself that I am achieving something because at times my day seems filled with meaningless tasks. I hope to also highlight aspects of my day which could help parents and caregivers who are battling to stimulate their children. I am beginning to realise that there is a learning opportunity in everything that we do.

Be strong and value the role you are playing. If quality time with your child is limited, then make every moment count.


Gizelle Geyer

Computer Teacher

Lynnwood Ridge Primary School

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