From Celeste Marks, Department Head, Life Skills, Lynnwood Ridge Primary School

A Home Learning Experience

From Celeste Marks, Department Head, Life Skills, Lynnwood Ridge Primary School

Hey Guys!

Talk about making lemonade out of lemons – I have always said that with PSW/LO we talk life! Well… it does not get more real than the Corona Virus and this Lockdown!

Parents – this one is for the kids ☺
I know that we may be feeling cooped up or caged in.

  • You may be in a household where you don’t get on with your siblings or are stuck with unfair home situations.
  • You may also be in a household where your parent or guardian has to get up and go to work and you are left with a caregiver.

Whatever you are facing, know that we are all in this together and that it is only temporary.

Here are five life skills that you may like to practise and find useful during this time :

A) Time management – Plan your day, map out the activities you wish to get done and get it on paper. It is quite a satisfying experience to be able to tick – off activities from a list ☺

B) Goal Setting – There is no time like the present; draft a list of the things you would like to accomplish this year. (Be a dreamer, nothing is impossible!)

C) Communicating – Everyone is quite tense at the moment and sometimes we can say things we do not necessarily mean. Step back and take the time to communicate your feelings and thoughts to either a sibling or an adult. Remember: Once things are said, they can never be taken back!

D) Organise your space – How are those rooms looking? We cannot control what is happening around us right now but you can control the environment we live in. Tidy drawers, fill a bag of unused clothing items for the poor, reorganise your room etc. It’s amazing how a good clean and a change can make us feel☺

E) Problem Solving – No surprise here! You are definitely going to experience some challenges. Some things are not going to go smoothly during this lockdown period. Your siblings might find themselves lucky to be alive 😉 (Just kidding). Practise peacekeeping – ask yourself if your reaction is going to bring about the desired result.

In everything you do , remember your CORE VALUES …
: Respectful, Kind, Honest, Trustworthy, Reliable, Responsible and Positive.
Stay safe beautiful children; you are valued and loved! We all miss you and promise to make up for this time lost!

Much love
Mrs Marks

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