Diary Day 2

A Home Learning Experience

Diary Day 2

Tuesday began with drama. Emily woke up still in her clothes because she had fallen asleep on the couch. She was puzzled and annoyed, hinting that I miight be to blame! The usual discussions and million questions followed. As the rest of the household was still sleeping we went off to her art corner in the garage and played with dough. Her school task was to make an E and decorate it. This was an easy one and she can write her name. She made tiny dough roses and stamped patterns onto the E.

Breakfast for Emily and Ethan followed. Thereafter, we did the cycling, walking, pram pushing part of the day and talked to our cat. The exercise is an important part of each day because tension rises and conflict increases if we don’t do this al least twice a day.

Sleeps, lunch, books, toys and TV took up the rest of the day. Supper and bedtime later brought a welcome break for Granny.


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